Kcse Results 2011

Kcse Results 2011 are next online to be released . Get quality grade kcse results with Kcse Mock Past Papers from Kcse Online Website for 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007and 2006 . The Kcse 2011 results will be announced officially by the minister of education professor Sam Ongeri end of this February and then posted by the Kenya National Examination Council Knec Website. Kcse Online website will also avail the kcse 2011 results soon as they are announced and released by te education minister and the knec.

The Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education KCSE examination is an exam sat at the end of four years of secondary education in Kenya. The prerequisite to this exam is the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education KCPE sat after eight years of primary schooling.The examining body for bot exams is the Kenya National Examination Council KNEC which sets, co-ordinates and organizes the marking and release of the kcpe and kcse results by sms or online.

The exam results normally rank the top scoring candidates or students nationally, or as top counties and not by the traditional way of listing the top ranking schools . The worst performing or trailing counties are listed and the best and worst subjects are also announced. The kcpe results for 2011 are out, kcse results for 2011are the next online. As usual students , teachers and parents will be required to arm themselves with index numbers and school codes to access the results from the knec website at They will be required to check the kcse 2011 results by sending an sms with the index numbers to a four digit code for example for kcpe the code was 5052.

The other alternative is to use the index number to access the results through the knec website. Kcse Online site will also act as a portal to relay the kcse results 2011 in case of congestion in the knec site. Schools, candidates , parents and teachers woe mere winners normally celebrate wit jubilation . girl and boy school used to perform better but nowadays gender parity is the norm. girls have competed wit the boys fairly a proof that girls also have the capability to be smart since they have registered higher marks or grades at times.

2010 KCSE RESULTS TOP 10 SCORER Candidates were as follows:

1.Wandui Albert kamau
2.Marube Machuke Allan
3.Geteke Ombuti Joshua
4.Mutua Brian
5.Mwangasha Lydia
6.Mwangi Kabucho
7.Ochieng Felix Ogolla
8.Opere Lesley Owuor
9.Mong'are Brian
10.Ivy Muthoni

The top scoring 10 schools ranked as shown below;

1. Alliance High School
2. Precious Blood Secondary School Riruta
3. Bahati Girls Secondary School
4. Maranda High School
5. Alliance Girls High School
6. Moi High School Kabarak
7. Moi Girls High School Eldoret
8. The Kenya High School
9. Starehe Girls Centre School
10. Strathmore School

Last year the kcse report revealed tat cheating in the exams was minimal except fore a few cases of collusion among students, teachers and supervisors.. the education officials have since ten issued stern warning against examination irregularities sitting tat anybody found cheating in the knec exams will have to be differed from sitting the exams for a period of 2 years before they can resit the exams.. the cheating cases have often included cases of exam impersonation, using of mobile pones , use of prepared notes in the exam room (often referred to as mwakenya).

The reasons for general poor performance in the national exams h have been attributed to lack of students preparation inflated numbers of student to teacher ratio low literacy ranking in te country . teachers and parents should act as role models to be emulated by their students / children to improve literacy and performance standards in the country.

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